Revit Architectural Foundation – 2 days

  • Part: 1877874
  • Model: RevitFoundation
$800.00 Ex Tax


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In this course attendees will model a small double storey building, and create a series of 2D drawings of it. They will also learn what they can do with the model in regards to Rendering, Walk throughs and Sun Studies. They will also get an introduction to creating 2D and 3D families.

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  • Introduction – Exploring the User Interface, Getting Started, Creating a Project.
  • Modelling – Creating Walls, Creating a New Wall Type, Creating Terrain, Adding Exterior Walls, Adding a Roof, Adding Floors, Adding Interior Walls, Adding Doors, Adding Windows, Adding a Curtain Wall, Attaching Walls to the Roof, Modifying the Entry Deck, Adding a Sloped Floor, Adding Stairs and Railings, Modifying the Roof, Adding Ceilings, Adding Furniture and Plants.
  • Documenting the Project – Create a section view, Add door and window tags, Create a door schedule, Change a door schedule, Adding Room Areas, Modify tags, Adding Dimensions, Adding Details,
  • Creating a Drawing Sheet – Create A Title Block Family, Starting The Family, Selecting A Family Template, Drawing The Title Block, Adding Parameters To The Title Block, Try Out The New Family.
  • Beyond Modelling – Using Cameras, Rendering, Creating a Walk Through, Creating a Solar Study.
  • Creating a Simple Family (A Table) – Creating The Framework, Adding Dimensions To The Framework,  Flexing (Testing) The Framework, Adding Extrusions , Adding More Reference Planes, Adding More Extrusions, Flexing (Testing) The Framework, Make A Type Catalog, Try Out The New Family File.