AutoCAD Foundation – 2 days

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  • Model: AutoCADFoundation
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In this course attendees will learn how to use AutoCAD in a series of 2D AEC related exercises.


* Customized Training available per organization

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  • Introduction – The AutoCAD Environment, Application Menu, Quick Access Menu, Ribbon Menu, Graphics Screen, Command Line, Status bar, Function Keys, AutoCAD Appearance, AutoCAD Graphics Setup, AutoCAD Environments.
  • File Management – New, Save, SaveAs.
  • Basic Draw, View and Erase Command – Line, Dynamic Input, Viewing With The Mouse, Object Snaps (Osnaps), Erase, Entity Selection ( One At A Time, Window, Crossing), Undo and Redo.
  • Basic Draw Commands – Line, Circle, Arc.
  • Layers – What Are they?, Why Use Colors?, Linetypes, Line Weights, Layer command, Manipulating Layers.
  • Basic Construct Commands – Copy, Move, Offset, Fillet, Chamfer.
  • Inquiry Commands – List, Measuregeom.
  • Basic Modify Commands – Mirror, Rotate, Scale, Stretch.
  • More Modify Commands – Trim, Extend.
  • Using Grips – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Grip Capabilities.
  • Model and Layout Tabs – Model Space Explained, Paper Space Explained, Vports, Layers and Vports.
  • Annotation – Annotative Scaling, Text Style, Mtext, Dtext, Dimension Styles, Dimension Commands, MultiLeader Styles, MultiLeader Commands, Editing Annotation
  • Plotting – Plot Command, Plot Styles,